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Fruit at Work can offer you a wide selection of seasonal fruit for you to enjoy during your busy days at work.


Providing fruit to your employees is one of the most cost effective ways to:

Improve productivity
Reduce absenteeism
Promote a healthy energetic workplace
Enhance your healthy corporate image

We can supply any size of business with fresh fruit boxes starting from:

£19.99 for 65 fruits
£36.99 for 130 fruits
£54.99 for 195 fruits
£89.99 for 325 fruits

Extra Seasonal Fruit can be added including: Grapes, Cherries, Fruit and Nut Mixture, Peaches and Nectarines.

If you have any more questions about our service, or you would like to customise your own fresh fruit box please contact us! Call Ryan on 07960 3333 08 or email [email protected]

Order your fresh fruit box and have it delivered the next day!

From: £19.99 / month